Encourage behavioral change in your company with an Energy Display Unit

The Voya EDU (Energy Display Unit) is a web-based public information display that communicates information on a building’s energy performance including main meter consumption, sub-meter breakdown, and provides tips and recommendations of how employees can assist in reducing energy consumption.

By publicly engaging people in energy efficiency behavioral change, there is the potential to improve energy efficiency by a further 5% over other energy efficiency measures in an organization. It also goes beyond the building bringing this positive behavior into the wider public arena.

  • Flexibility on the type and number of meters that can be displayed including single meter or multiple meters in day, week, month or year time periods
  • Live weather information from the nearest available weather stations
  • Frequently updated energy awareness tips and information screens
  • Increases awareness & encourage behavioral change
  • Communicates energy policy & strategy to the public
  • ISO 50001 compatible

Active Energy API

Customize an energy display to capture corporate branding policy using the Active Energy EDU standard Application Programming Interface license.

The API allows for the independent development of a branded public energy display using Flash, Python, C#, Java, PHP and Java Script. Organization wide license options allow for 20, 50, 100 and unlimited customized EDU’s.


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