Aspect-Enterprise is a server-based variant that provides all of the powerful features of Aspect-Facility, but is installed on specified hardware. As this solution is hosted by the end-user, it requires the purchase of Enterprise software. This allows the freedom of on-site installations and fewer restrictions on requirements. In addition, it integrates with popular internet programs to allow end-users more freedom. With Aspect, your PC, tablet or smart device can integrate with your building easily and efficiently.

Whether the platform is a server running VMware or a standard server box or complex rack-mountable network appliance, Aspect-Enterprise provides the capability, security, and the specification to meet the requirements of almost any project at an affordable price.

Features & Overview

  • Centralized System Management
    Provides the ability to manage an entire facility of products by acting as a centralized server providing web, data, and other building information from one single entry point
  • Integrated MySQL Database Server
    Used to store all historic data as well as provide third-party interfaces with data from the building automation system without the need for special add-on protocol drivers
  • Receive Important Building Information
    Aspect utilizes web technologies, including
    email, Twitter, and common internet protocols, to provide the end-user more freedom
  • Integration With HTML5
    Aspect v2.0 and higher support HTML5, allowing for information on setpoints, trending data, and more to be accessed from a PC, tablet, or smart phone with no additional plug-ins or engineering time
  • Java-based Graphical User Interface
    Accessible from most standard web browsers and does not require proprietary software plug-ins
  • Aspect Supervisory Control Engine
    Supervisory based control functions including but not limited to energy management routines, custom sequencing, alarm and event annunciation, historical alarming and trending, and master control scheduling
  • Customer Specified Hardware
    Provides the customer with the freedom to use their preferred server-grade hardware for easier on-site installation and maintenance
  • Schedule & Calendar Implementation
    Interfaces with iCalendar format tools such as Microsoft Outlook (2007 and later), iCal, Google Calendar and other popular programs
  • Comprehensive User/Group Based Security
    Restrict or allow access to a myriad of points based on individual or group credentials
  • Simple Mobile Web Access
    Provides mobile (cell phone, PDA, etc.) web access to building automation data
  • SDP Driver
    Integrates with American Auto-Matrix SageMax legacy control devices (Applies to IP SageMax devices only)


Recommended System Requirements
Processor Dual 2.8Ghz Quad Core or 6-Core CPU (Intel or AMD)
Hard Drive 250+ GB SATA or SAS RAID Array (RAID 1 with hot spare suggested)
Ethernet Supported 10/100/1000 MB Adapter (Intel or Broadcom suggested)
Power Redundant Power Supply
Additional Available USB port (USB 2.0) for Software License Key
VMWare Platforms Supported
VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 U3
VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0
VMware vCenter Server 4
VMware Virtual 2.5 U3
Virtualization Image Provisions
Enterprise Class Linux OS
Embedded MySQL Database Server
Java Virtual Machine
Aspect Runtime Engine
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