Through the use of AAM's Facilitating Technology, Aspect-Nexus can be used to communicate with serial networks populated with field bus devices communicating on protocols such as BACnet MS/TP, AAM PUP, and even Modbus. Legacy SageMAX SDP Protocol are also available with Aspect.

The Aspect-Nexus provides all the same powerful features as any Aspect enabled product; alarming, trending, extensive custom programming and many of the features that have made AAM's framework a recognized award-winning platform. In addition, it integrates with popular Internet programs to allow end-users more freedom.

With Aspect, your PC, tablet, or smart device can integrate with your building easily and efficiently.

Features & Overview

  • Centralized System Management 
    Provides the ability to manage an entire facility of products by acting as a centralized server providing web, data, and other building information from one single entry point
  • Integrated MySQL® Database Server 
    Used to store all historic data as well as provide third-party interfaces with data from the building automation system without the need for special add-on protocol drivers
  • Receive Important Building Information 
    Aspect utilizes web technologies, including email, Twitter, and common internet protocols, to provide the end-user more freedom
  • Integration With HTML5 
    Aspect v2.0 and higher support HTML5, allowing for information on setpoints, trending data, and more to be accessed from a PC, tablet, or smart phone with no additional plug-ins or engineering time
  • Java-based Graphical User Interface 
    Accessible from most standard web browsers and does not require proprietary software plug-ins
  • Aspect Supervisory Control Engine 
    Supervisory based control functions including but not limited to energy management routines, custom sequencing, alarm and event annunciation, historical alarming and trending, and master control scheduling
  • Schedule & Calendar Implementation 
    Interfaces with iCalendar format tools such as Microsoft® Outlook® 2007, iCal®, Google Calendar™ and other popular programs
  • Comprehensive User/Group Based Security 
    Restrict or allow access to a myriad of points based on individual or group credentials
  • Secure System Platform 
    Utilizing a secure and reliable Linux OS foundation : eliminating the need to maintain or implement security policies (virus scan, firewall, etc.)
  • Simple Mobile Web Access 
    Provides mobile (cell phone, PDA, etc.) web access to building automation data
  • SDP Driver 
    Integrates with American Auto-Matrix SageMAX legacy control devices (Applies to IP SageMAX devices only)
  • USB Modem Connectivity 
    For sites that do not have or allow internet connection, a USB modem can be utilized for communication


Processor Intel Atom Dual Core CPU @ 1.66Ghz
Hard Drive 64 GB SSD
Enclosure Extruded Aluminum
Ethernet Network
Termination Count 2 connections (2nd port for future use only)
Connection Type RJ-45 female
Speed 10/100/1000 MB auto-sensing
Connection Type 2 position
Termination Count model dependent - up to 2 connections
Baud Rates 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 76.8, 115.2 (kbps)
Termination 249 Ohm, switch selectable
Biasing 510 Ohm, switch selectable
LED indication for TXD, RXD
Protocol license enforced, driver selectable
Network Load license enforced, up to 64 devices per port
Setup & Configuration
Software Aspect-Studio w/ USB copy protection key & license file
Browser Standard web browsers that support HTML5 include : 
Internet Explorer 8/9/10, Firefox, Opera 12, Safari 6, and Google Chrome
Power Requirements
Power Source  24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3.5 A max
Connection 2 position
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature 50˚ F to 104˚ F (10˚ C to 40˚ C)
Operating Humidity 0 to 90% relative humidity non-condensing
Dimensions 12.9" x 8.3" x 4.0" inches / 7.5 lbs (not including shipping material)
Mounting wall mount
Agency Approvals
CE Approved
FCC, Class A Computing Device; Part 15
UL/cUL Listed, Open Energy Management (PAZX/PAZX7), E95642
(724) 733-2000
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