A Solution to Meet the Demanding Needs of Today's Facilities

By combining powerful Building Automation solutions, cloud-based software tools and open protocol controllers, Point2Cloud from American Auto-Matrix creates a solution to lower carbon footprints, reduce energy costs and maintain occupant comfort with the technology and devices you use every day. Long gone are the days of needing to be on location to access the data from your Building Automation System. With the proper credentials, facility managers and building owners can easily access their systems via web-enabled computers, tablets or smartphones to analyze system performance, monitor energy use and generate reports on selected building data.

Award-Winning Building Automation

Aspect is a Building Automation Integration and Energy Control Solution designed to allow users seamless access to their building data through common and convenient web technologies available on a wide array of generally available devices.

Aspect brings building information and control into the palm of any user's hand through integration with services like Twitter, RSS, email, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Apple iCal. Through compatibility with common web platforms, you can access your building in a variety of ways from a variety of devices. In many cases Aspect will integrate with your current computer or smart device through programs already on those devices.

With the right user permissions, you can gain direct access to the information and tools that are vital to saving time, energy, and money.


Real-time Energy Analytics

Active Energy Manager is a cloud-based software tool that collects information about buildings and the equipment within them and analyzes energy, gas, water, and essentially any consumable against the drivers that impact them.

With that knowledge, Active Energy Manager can automatically provide alerts when equipment and buildings are not performing efficiently and properly under any given conditions.

  • Payback periods of less than 2 years
  • Reduced energy & maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment lifetime through efficient operation
  • Multi-building energy performance bench-marking
  • Real-time energy performance analysis and display
  • Maintained occupancy comfort levels
  • Reduced carbon emissions
Active Energy Manager

BTL Listed BACnet Controls

Exclusive UniPut Technology

A revolutionary answer to point configuration, the CB Series of BACnet controllers feature UniPut technology; enabling a single controller channel to perform any I/O function. With the CB Series controllers, control and monitoring points can be configured exactly as required and placed precisely where they are needed.

  • Flexible Point Configuration
  • Maximized Controller Capacity
  • Ease of Commissioning
  • Maximum System Uptime
Learn More About the CB Series
BTL Listed BACnet Controls

vSTAT - Virtual Zone Control

Flexibility in the palm of your hand.

With the vSTAT mobile app for your smart device, facility occupants have the ability to interact with their building systems or zones without the need to directly access a wall thermostat, lighting control solution, or a computer. Simply scan the QR Code® located in the zone you want to control.

  • Display Area - displays current applicable zone data (temperature, fan status, humidity, etc.)
  • Temperature Gauge - reflects the active heating and cooling setpoints for the selected zone
  • Setpoint Controls - adjust heating and cooling setpoints with a touch
  • Favorite/Lock Keys - designate zones as stored favorites. Lock the display to prevent accidental changes
  • Occupancy Button - control the status in selected zones
  • Fan Button - configurable for direct control of fan equipment (i.e. On, Off, Auto)
  • User Field - displays additional read-only parameters as designated by the user
  • User Button - customizable button allowing users to trigger actions such as lighting, door control, etc.
  • Main Navigation - easy access to temperature display, favorites, locations, and the QR reader

Automagic Mobile Access

Development software Aspect-Studio automagically generates an HTML5 User Interface with no additional plug-ins or engineering time to deliver trends, setpoints and other vital building data on the most popular web-enabled tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Built-in development of a mobile-ready platform means decreased development costs, and in turn, faster project completion.

The days of needing to be at a workstation terminal or inside your facility are long gone. Just grab any of the web-enabled devices you use on a daily basis, and access building data when you need it.

  • HTML5 UI requires no additional plug-ins or engineering time
  • Access building data on your web-enabled tablet or smartphone
Automagic Mobile Access

Schedule & Go

Schedule your building(s) through programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and any of over 40 other programs that utilize the iCalendar protocol. This means that if you schedule a room in your building for a meeting, a workday, or weekend occupancy, it can be done without the need to access a proprietary scheduling tool.

Don't worry, should your building lose internet connectivity, AspectFT will still maintain the last received schedule until connectivity is restored and new changes are made.

  • No In-depth knowledge of the BAS is required
  • Easily schedule zones in your facilities with common software including Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, or Google Calendar
Schedule & Go
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