American Auto Matrix offers a variety of in-house training programs and courses at all levels to meet your needs. New for 2015 and 2016, the addition of regional classes offers the same innovative training as their in-house counterparts, but affords the convenience of locations that are closer to our dealers; still keeping the intimacy of a classroom environment, but reducing travel costs and time away from the office.

All workshops combine live instructor demonstrations, student exercises, and discussions on best practices to teach the student how to create applications and components for AAM Products.

Registration for courses close 2 weeks prior to the start of the course. American Auto-Matrix reserves the right to re-schedule courses if minimum attendance is not met. Please do not make travel arrangements until the course schedule has been confirmed.
Engineering Center Training in Pasadena, CA
Engineering Center Training in Manchester, NH

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Dates Registration & Scheduling Location & Lodging
AAM Solutions

The AAM Solutions Workshop is an informative 1-week extended course combining both the Engineering Center and Aspect Basic classes into one all-encompassing class.

Workshop Details
March 21st – 25th (2017)  Call AAM for availability. New York City area
April 17th – 21st (2017) Call AAM for availability. Charlotte, NC
June 6th – 10th (2017)  Call AAM for availability.  TBD, California

July 18th – 20th (2017)

Call AAM for availability.  Manchester, NH
Engineering Center

The Engineering Center workshop begins with an introduction to the CB Range of BACnet controllers including installation, configuration and programming of the CBT12iVAV, CBT12, CBM plant controller, and CBR BACnet router.

Course Details
Aspect Basic

Introduction to the Aspect Family of products and discuses the many different architecture options available, covers device hardware, software, installation and licensing as well as Aspect-Studio installation and feature set.

Course Details
Aspect Advanced

A continuation to the knowledge gained from the Aspect Basic workshop, the advanced workshop takes project building and field experience to the next level, giving participants the tools needed to create advanced and sophisticated projects.

Course Details
NB Series (BACnet)

Introduction to the NB Series of BACnet controllers, including installation, wiring, configuration, and NB-Pro commissioning operations.

Course Details
SBC Series (PUP)

Introduction to the SBC Series of proprietary controllers, including installation, wiring, configuration and SoloPro commissioning operations.

Course Details

On Location Training

American Auto-Matrix offers an opportunity to have training courses come to your facility, with several prerequisites for remote training needing to be met. In order to request On Location training, you must contact the Product and Systems Instructor either by phone at (724) 733-0350 or via email to discuss the needs for your training, the number of participants, and the facility in which the training will take place.


Once all the information is obtained, you will receive a quote for the training. The quote must be signed and returned with a PO number in order to proceed. On Locations training must meet the following guidelines:

  • Facilities
    The training facility must be near the instructor's lodging (30 minutes or less in travel). The facility/room must be large enough to comfortably accommodate up to six students, equipment, and be conducive to a training environment. The training facility must have one laptop or PC for every pair of students. Each laptop or PC must meet the minimum requirements of the course/product being taught. Please reference the product documentation for specific information.
  • Workshop Size
    On Location workshops require a minimum of two students, and can accommodate a maximum of six students.
  • Cancellations
    Cancellations within thirty (30) days of the starting date for On Location training will result in the Solution Integrator being invoiced all third-party expenses deemed non-refundable, such as non-refundable airfares, car rental, and lodging arranged through travel agencies. American Auto-Matrix will refund only workshop deposits if American Auto-Matrix cancels a class for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Schedule
    Suggested workshop hours will be from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Friday, except for the Aspect Basic and Aspect Advance workshops, which end at the regular time. There will be a one hour lunch break each day.
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