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Improving energy efficiency in educational systems can produce substantial economic, energy, and environmental benefits.

As K-12 and college campuses continue to expand size and attendance, so do their energy costs. Seasonal occupancy, variable schedules of facility use, and comfort conducive to quality learning are all challenges school administrators and facilities managers face.

By integrating a web-enabled Building Automation system to a campus or school district, HVAC equipment can be easily be adjusted according to weather conditions as well as tenant-specified comfort levels. Occupancy and setpoint values for classrooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, etc. can be adjusted remotely with everyday software like Microsoft Outlook or with mobile devices in the hands of facility managers.

Upgrades to HVAC and lighting equipment can help a school reduce operating/maintenance costs and environmental impacts, but qualify them for rebates and incentives offered by local Energy Business Solutions programs or utility providers.

Cylon has hundreds of school installations in North America enjoying the benefits of our systems.

Annual Energy Costs (Billion)

Smart Building Solutions to help Schools & Universities qualify for energy-saving initiatives

Smart Building Solutions for Facility Management & Energy Control

For more than 35 years, American Auto-Matrix has grown to be a worldwide leader in Building Automation and Energy Management, combining award-winning technology with innovative Smart Building Solutions to meet the demanding needs of today's green-conscious facilities.

Award-Winning Building Automation

Award-Winning Building Automation

ASPECT® provides a variety of scalable front-end solutions that provide you access to vital system data with the devices and technology you use everyday.

The support of open protocols and increased flexibility and allow you to optimize your BAS, lower energy use and meet the demanding needs of your facilities.

CB Series


CB Series

CB Series features the CBX-8R8 controller with 8 UniPuts™ with Relay and 8 Universal Inputs as well as support for up to three FLX (Field Level eXpansion to provide up to 64 points of control. Designed for a wide range of applications for intelligent control of HVAC equipment, lighting control and electrical systems including metering applications.

BTL Listed Building Controllers

BTL Listed Building Controllers

While all controller have universal inputs, only Cylon Auto-Matrix CB Series controllers feature UniPut technology, enabling a single controller channel to perform any I/O function.

For the first time, control and monitoring points can be configured exactly as required and placed precisely where they are needed.

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