As a cloud-based service, you can monitor energy performance wherever you are by accessing Active Energy online via any Internet-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

As we improve our product, we update our hosted system, automatically providing you with new and unique features without requiring a local upgrade.

Flexible Multi-user Access

Active Energy Manager allows for multiple users, making it ideal for managing multiple buildings in multiple locations.

Ease of Installation & Use

Unlike other systems providers, with Active Energy you don’t need to be an experienced Energy Manager or an IT expert to setup or use Active Energy Manager. We’ll set up and configure it for you, as well as support you online, so you can get on with running your business while saving energy and money.

Active Energy is “data agnostic”. You do not have to buy your energy metering and loggers from us as with other providers. We work with your team to get the data you have into our system. Of course, if you do not have metering in place, we can design a cost effective solution to get the data you need.

Continuous Monitoring

Active Energy continuously monitors data collection and alerts you if data has not been collected, ensuring full data integrity and keeping you fully informed.

Real-Time Analysis

By being able to view, analyze and compare all of your meters across multiple sites and time periods, making it an ideal tool to manage a multi-site organization.

Find your “outliers”, determine when to recommission, focus on the equipment causing the energy issue, all automatically and in one place.

Customized Reporting

A fully customized reporting feature allows you to generate instant or scheduled delivery of reports on energy consumption, costs, carbon emissions, benchmarks, as well as a tenant costs reports. You can also export reports as a .CSV file or in PDF format to share with key stakeholders.

Smart Analytics

Smart analytics looks at actual normalized energy usage and patterns of consumption, and identifies the drivers of your energy consumption to produce information you can act on that will help deliver energy savings.


If anomalies are detected in expected energy consumption, Active Energy Manager can quickly issue alarms of the unexpected changes via email, SMS, and Twitter, keeping you in control.

Benefits & Ease of Use

  • Quick return on investment
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Early identification of operational issues, reducing overall maintenance
  • Extended equipment lifetime through efficient operation
  • Multi-building energy performance bench-marking
  • Real-time energy performance analysis and display
  • Energy alerts in real-time
  • Increased public and staff awareness
  • Maintained occupancy comfort levels
  • Manages and tracks equivalent Carbon impact

Because Active Energy Manager is agnostic, it can be adapted to suit any type of building, regardless of the BAS or metering solution installed. It can be configured and adapted to suit your needs, and has no limits to the number of information points or geographical locations that can be connected to the system, making it an ideal central energy monitoring and management tool for multi-site and multi-building organizations.

Active Energy Manager

With a user-friendly interface, Active Energy Manager enables the user to monitor energy consumption and generate usage charts, analysis, alarms, and reports. These features allow the end user to monitor the energy performance of their building in real time and receive alerts during periods of energy consumption anomalies which may indicate a system override, a leak or a change in the building occupancy patterns that needs to be taken into consideration.

A Solution to Meet Your Needs

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Active Energy Mananger

Packages are available that operate on a connection of a minimum of 3 meters and up to 250+ meters.
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