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Cylon Control’s CB LINE boasts a series of BACnet® field controllers. The CBXiCBX, CBT and CBV Series’ are designed to work as part of the Cylon dual-platform offering and can be used as field level BACnet® IP and BACnet® MS/TP controllers for ASPECT® and INTEGRA™ building management solutions.

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The CB LINE offers the capability to enhance building automation performance, reduce time on task and create more efficient, secure environments.


The CB LINE offers UniPuts™, a revolutionary answer to flexible point configuration allowing points on the controller to be configured as an input or an output, maximizing flexibility relative to programming changes as well as point capacity on the controller and utilizing less space in the enclosure.

Design Flexibility in the CBX System

Both the CBXi Series (BACnet IP) and CBX Series (BACnet MS/TP) utilize the same form factor and I/O complement, including sharing of the same Field Level eXtension (FLX) modules. This versatility ensures flexibility in design and usability for connection to mechanical and electrical building systems.

Multi-protocol Communications Support

The CBXi Series controllers are listed as BACnet® Building Controllers (B-BC) and communicate on a BACnet® IP Local Area Network. Additionally, the controllers support routing for BACnet® MS/TP and integration support for both Modbus® TCP and Modbus® RTU without the use of additional gateways.

The CBX Series controllers are listed as BACnet® Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) and communicate using BACnet® MS/TP over a RS-485 network. The controllers also provide support for Modbus® RTU.


The CBX System is the most advanced BACnet® controller of its kind, with on-board I/O, optional HOA, multi-protocol support and a range of FLX (Field Level eXpansion) modules, providing Cylon System Integrators with even greater control flexibility. The CBX System provides a flexible and expandable building energy management solution for intelligent control of HVAC equipment, lighting control and electrical systems including metering applications.

Reduced Diagnostic Time

Software-free diagnostics are included to facilitate instant visual identification of wiring faults; status LEDs for all I/O points instantaneously providing a visual diagnostic and error status for each connected system point reducing problem-solving time and associated costs.

Efficient Commissioning and Testing

Manual over-ride of UniPuts™ enables easy configuration, quick commissioning and post-installation testing without the need to connect to the CXproHD engineering tool. Over-ride of UniPuts™ can be undertaken through CXproHD or locally using the HOA facility where available. Hand/Off/Auto Local Over-ride function available for FLX UniPuts™ with ‘-H’ variants

Quick & Easy Installation

FLX I/O bus/power connection is achieved through a single plug connector, simplifying the installation process and eliminating the possibility of misconnection between components of a CBX system trunk.

CBX System Additional Features

  • Supports Cylon's Intelligent Sensor Series
  • Local micro-USB service port
  • Accurate Universal Inputs support a variety of thermistors and RTDs that range from 0 to 450 kOhms as well as 0 to 10 VDC, 4 to 20 mA and pulse counting
  • On-board 18 VDC power supply

Powerful Engineering

The fully programmable CB LINE of controllers can be tailored to meet an extensive variety of applications by creating and modifying strategies using CXproHD Engineering Software.

Full CB Line

CBXi SERIES | BACnet® IP Building Controllers (B-BC)
CBX SERIES | BACnet® MS/TP Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC)
CBX SYSTEM | Field Level eXpansion (FLX) I/O MODULES
CBT SERIES | BACnet® MS/TP Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)
CBV SERIES | BACnet® MS/TP Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC)

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