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With vSTAT, you are in control

Be comfortable with vSTAT, a Virtual Zone application designed for use with the Cylon Auto-Matrix ASPECT® system. Through the use of this application, users can access multiple servers anywhere in the world and specific zones within a facility. Users can change temperature setpoints, occupancy status, fan status, and more.

With ASPECT®, vSTAT can be customized to display and control custom points. Want to turn the lights on or off? vSTAT can be programmed to do it! vSTAT also comes with a built-in QR Code reader for registering locations within a facility. By using the ASPECT®-Studio software, a QR code can be generated and printed for a specific zone and placed near a thermostat or access point. From there users can scan this code, and with the right user permissions access the zone.

With vSTAT you can be comfortable from anywhere.


  • Connect to one or multiple sites to manage virtual zones within the ASPECT® building automation system
  • Configurable by AAM Solution Integrators for extended functionality – such as lighting control, door access, and more
  • Adjust heating and cooling setpoints for devices residing on BACnet, Modbus, Legacy, and other supported protocols when connected to an ASPECT® BAS
  • Determine occupancy status for zones through use of color-coded orbs. Colors indicating occupancy are pre-configured by the installing technician
  • Intuitive navigation for zones - allowing users to find a zone through a scrollable and searchable directory listing, through pre-determined PIN password, as well as manual addressing
  • Add a specific zone to a list of favorites, complete with a configurable description for the zone
  • User/group access to zones when properly administered and managed
  • Built-in QR Code Reader for QR navigation, and also supports the ability to use popular third-party Barcode Scanning programs that support the QR Code format
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iOS Requirements

  • iOS 4.3.3 or higher, Wi-Fi or 3G (Edge not recommended)
  • iPod Touch 3rd gen and iPod Touch 4th generation
  • iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S

Android Requirements

  • AIR 3.1 for Android can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace and is available on devices running Android 2.2 or higher
  • Adobe AIR system requirements can be found here

ASPECT® Requirements

  • ASPECT® device running version 1.08 or greater
The following documents provide details and documentation regarding the use of the vSTAT Mobile Application. Please click on the PDF icon to the left to view the vSTAT User Guide. Should you have questions regarding any differences between this document and the functionality provided to you, please contact your local AAM Solution Integrator for more assistance.
I cannot download vSTAT from the Apple® App Store or Google® Play.

Verify that your smart device has sufficient Internet connectivity in order to access the Apple AppStore or Google Play (via cellular network or Wi-Fi). If you experience difficulties downloading the app, please contact your wireless carrier or device manufacturer for further support. Please note that if you are downloading the app over your cellular connection, data charges may apply. Please refer to your wireless carrier data plan for more details.

NOTE FOR ANDROID USERS:If Google Play will not permit you to download vSTAT, it is possible that your device may not have the capabilities to run Adobe AIR, a requirement for vSTAT. To verify whether or not your device meets the AIR system requirements, please click the link under Android Requirements found above, or http://www.adobe.com/devnet-apps/flashruntimes/certified-devices.html. This list is periodically updated by Adobe. For additional support or assistance regarding your device and compatibility with Adobe AIR, contact your wireless carrier or the manufacturer of your Android smart device for additional assistance.

When attempting to launch vSTAT on my Android smart device, my device informs me that Adobe® Air® is required. What is Adobe Air?

Adobe Air is a software platform that must be installed on your smart device in order to use vSTAT. This is a free download from Google Play.

How do I find the vSTAT app on the Google Play and Apple App Store?

The best, most efficient way to find the vSTAT app, is to utilize the search on either Google Play or the Apple App Store and type in vSTAT.

My device asks me for a username and password in order to download vSTAT, and I cannot remember it.

You must enter your associated username and password for the App Store or Google Play in order to purchase and download the application. If you cannot remember these credentials, contact Apple or Google for additional support.

I cannot establish an initial connect to a vSTAT through Favorites or through Single/Multiple Server mode.

Verify the IP address or URL you are entering is correct. By default, vSTAT will attempt to connect using Port 7226. If the port designation is incorrect, this can cause initial connectivity issues. If you believe all of the connection details are correct, contact your building manager or local AAM Solution Integrator for additional assistance.

I can establish a connection, but cannot see or access any vSTAT zones.

Verify that your current ASPECT®-based building automation system has been properly licensed to permit mobile access with vSTAT and is running at v1.08 or higher.

What are my user credentials to access a specific vSTAT Zone?

Username and password credentials are assigned by your building administrator or local AAM Solution Integrator. If you are not sure what your credentials are, contact one of these two entities for initial support.

When I attempt to adjust setpoints or occupancy override times, the editors only provide a finite amount of increments or selections.

The server configuration will permit setpoint adjustments to a minimum or maximum value. This is done to optimize energy efficiently in your zone. If you need to adjust values higher or lower than what vSTAT permits, contact your building administrator or local AAM Solution Integrator for more assistance.

The camera on my smart device cannot seem to focus properly to scan a QR Code through the vSTAT application.

The internal QR Navigator contains limitations based on Adobe Flex. If you continue to have issues with scanning QR codes, you may use a third-party program that supports QR Code reading such as Red Laser, or a comparative program.

Will vSTAT operate through a VPN connection configured on my smart device?

For situations where secured access is necessary, vSTAT can operate through a VPN connection. For questions regarding the setup and configuration of VPN connectivity on your smart device, contact your network administrator for more assistance.

Can I run vSTAT on my iPad® or Android-based tablet?

The vSTAT app is capable of running on either of these platforms, but is suited for smartphone devices. Although the vSTAT app has some tablet-aware functionality, it does not present any additional enhancements relative to functionality and layout from what is presented on a smartphone.

My existing building automation system does not have ASPECT® installed. Can I use vSTAT to interact with my zones?

vSTAT is designed exclusively for building automation systems using ASPECT®. If you would like to use vSTAT with your existing building automation system, contact your local AAM Solution Integrator for additional assistance.

Can I download and use vSTAT on a Blackberry or Windows Phone device?

At this time, vSTAT is supported on iOS and Android environments. vSTAT will not operate on Blackberry® Playbook™ devices that are capable of launching Android-based applications.

vSTAT requires a certified, Cylon Auto-Matrix Solution Integrator to install ASPECT® (version 1.08 or higher) and configure specific parameters for use. To find out how to get vSTAT, visit our Find An Integrator page or call 1-877-AAM-HVAC (226-4822).
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